I cannot express enough gratitude to Iconic Allstars… this season was amazing!!! We attribute it all to the amazing coaches and owner! They have been so very kind and welcoming my girls. Forever grateful is an understatement… if you’re looking for a cheer gym… this is your home!


Iconic is an amazing cheer gym because of all the incredible coaches, owner & families that make it feel like home! Forever family ❤️


Coach Alex and Coach Billy Hemphill deserve a medal for working with these girls all year.  It’s been a great year and they owe a lot of that to your leadership, dedication and support.  What a blessing it’s been to be a part of this gym for 5 years and watch our girls grow as not only phenomenal athletes, but respectful, dedicated young women. Also, thank you to Coach Johnnie for your years of coaching and support! You’re all the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Thanks to all the wonderful coaches and staff that have made the last year and a half special for my daughter and for me!! You are special people doing great things! I’ve said it many times, I wish we had found you much, much sooner than we did…but then today, as hard as it is knowing it’s ending, would be that much harder!!

I can’t say enough about our coaches at Iconic Allstars. They address ALL aspects of the athlete!!! Coach Johnnie Buckley, Coach Billy Hemphill, Coach Lauren Lipira,  have taken our daughter to barely doing a cartwheel to working on her level 4 skills in just two years! They are working on building the athlete from eating properly, conditioning, training, stretching, and sportsmanship and doing all of this as FAMILY!!!!!! Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to our children. We are very proud to be a part of such a great organization!!!


Thank you for helping and encouraging me to always do my best even when things are not the greatest. Thank you to Johnnie Buckley for making everything fun, for letting me achieve and win titles I never thought I could. Thank you for always being there for me if it’s in cheer or social things. Thank you to Billy Hemphill for helping me reach goals and skills I never thought was possible. Thank you for the tons for conditioning because In the end it has helped make the athlete I am today.


Coach Lauren…I have to say you have done a wonderful job with this group of girls and I am not talking about their record…Although that is fantastic! I have coached and have been the president for a youth football league for a number of years and I have never seen a coach with as much passion and dedication to the kids as you! You know the coach is doing an amazing job balancing fun and competing at a high level when a 7 year old girl can’t wait to go to practice. Great work and thank you!


I love how tight knit the IA family is.  A parent was nice enough this morning to go out of her way to pick up my daughter last min when my car wouldn’t start! Thank you for providing such a positive environment for not only the kids but us parents as well!


My daughter (Rio Ottolino) is a dancer (a Lyrical Soloist) and was at the same competition as your team of girls on 1/11/15 at the UIC Pavillion in Chicago. Rio’s only cheering section was her Aunt Carrie, and me (her mom). Rio is an independent and not affiliated with any studio. We are from Marengo and were the only people that Rio had to go with her.

When your team saw Carrie sitting alone in the spectator’s section, as I was at the sound booth starting the music, a giant group of your girls came down to sit in the cheering section to help cheer Rio on. As I looked across the room and saw this, I got goosebumps as the tears welled up in my eyes. They melted my heart. What a wonderful group of young ladies you have that would do that for someone they didn’t even know!

It wasn’t until after Rio got off stage, that Carrie told me that your girls told Carrie that they felt sorry for Rio that she didn’t have a cheering section. Even Carrie was deeply emotional about the support your girls showed my daughter.

I couldn’t even sleep tonight without feeling compelled to look you up and email you about your wonderful group of girls. I’m not sure which cheer team won the sportsmanship award, (or if there even was one) because I couldn’t hear the announcer from where I was sitting, but if your girls didn’t win it, they certainly did in my opinion.

Please share this letter with your team and thank them from the bottom of our hearts. If I were the owner of your studio, I would be extremely proud of my girls. IA will remain in our hearts and minds, and if we see you at another competition, you can be sure we will be there cheering for you as well!

Good luck this season to your team!


I love this gym. The staff has all been super helpful and supportive in my getting my credentials, everyone works together to make a great program. And the kids are all so fantastic to work with and spend time with, I love seeing them around town and getting the sneak by hugs from  cheerleaders who spot me first!


One year ago I signed my daughter up for a beginners tumbling class  And it was the best choice that I could have made.. Now a year later she is tumbling her heart out and is part of a great team that she thinks the world of. This could not of happened without the support of Coach Billy. Thank you for welcoming my daughter into your organization.